Semi-realistic simulations of natural hyperspectral scenes

Semi-realistic simulations of natural hyperspectral scenes 
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
Volume: 9 , Issue: 9
DOI : 10.4225/08/5798752285DDE
Publication Year: 206 , Page(s): XXX – XXX

These data sets have been simulated to appear similar to natural real world data sets, but with known characteristics. In particular, the number of endmembers is known. The data are stored in Matlab format and further compressed as a zip file. The name of each data set has the format “”, where “name” is a shorthand name for the corresponding real world data set; “nwv” is the number of wavelengths/bands in the simulated data set; and “nems” is the number of endmembers used in the simulated data set. In addition, the Mt. Isa data set, which does not cover the full rectangle, has associated with it a binary mask, “”, over which any analysis should be applied.

by Mark Berman

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